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Apple Reportedly Recruits 'Audio Genius' Tomlinson Holman

Following a tweet by Leo Laporte, GigaOm reports that Tomlinson Holman, the audio genius behind THX, will soon join forces with Apple. Holman is the “main brain” behind THX sound and the first 10.2 surround sound system. Apple is expected to come out with an official statement on this.

Yesterday, Leo Laporte, a well-known online tech pundit, tweeted “I have it on good authority that Tomlinson Holman (of THX fame) is joining Apple to run audio. Major upgrade.”

Holman is one of the most influential personalities in the tech audio industry. He is currently “teaching sound” at the University of Southern California. During his 15 years as Lucasfilm’s corporate tech director, he put his mark on most THX patents.

Bringing onboard such an expert would mean that Apple has big plans for Mac, iOS and iTunes audio. Who knows, maybe the next iPhone or iPad will already be built using Holman’s audio know-how. Apple is already doing great with its Retina Display, therefore a similar achievement in the audio section could boost Apple’s standing once again.

There is already ongoing work on the optical audio out for Macs, an improvement that will provide true surround sound from your computer to the sound system. Recent reports suggest that Apple is looking at improving the sound quality of iTunes audio files, also.

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