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Apple Releases Update That Stops Storing User Location Data

Apple has released the iOS 4.3.3 software update that fixes the location data tracking bug that was discovered on the iOS platform.

The discovery of a location tracking function on the iOS platform had sparked a privacy controversy that led Google and Microsoft to also admit that they periodically track user data for location based and advertising services.

The new update puts a cap on the amount of Wi-fi hotspot and cell tower data collected by the iPhone and prevents the device from backing up the data when synced with a PC.

The update also encrypts the location data stored on the device and gets deleted once the users turn off the location services from the phone’s settings.

When researchers discovered a secret cache file stored on the iPhone device, Apple was accused of secretly tracking users’ location. The company initially made not comment, then pointed out that there was a clause for it buried in iPhone user agreements and finally claimed the feature was a bug.

The company had also revealed that it was collecting the Wi-fi hotspot and cell tower data to build a massive database from a traffic service that will be launched some years from now.