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AT&T Will Offer HP's Veer Smartphone With A Two-Year Contract

AT&T has announced that it will be offering HP’s new Veer 4G smartphone for $99.99 with a two year contract starting May 15.

The tiny Veer smartphone, which was unveiled along side the HP TouchPad tablet back in February, will run on the refreshed Palm’s webOS platform and will mark the computer giant’s entry into the smartphone market on AT&T’s network.

The company released the Pre2 smartphone on Verizon soon after it had acquired smartphone maker Palm.

The phone is as small as a credit card and will support AT&T’s new 4G network. The device also features a slide out Qwerty keyboard, which ads to its bulk. The HP Veer will come with an 800MHz processor, 8GBs of internal memory and a 5 MP camera. The device also comes with support for mobile hot-spot feature.

Many analysts believe that Veer's success will define the future of Hewlett-Packard’s smartphone division, claiming that HP will turn the Veer into a niche product.

“Palm has been through the ringer in the last several years. The good part is that the Palm phones had many users and were reliable devices in the smartphone category. The marketplace is growing and there is room for more handsets,” said analyst Jeff Kagan, Computer World reports.