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Barnes & Noble To Release New E-Reader That Looks Even More Like A Tablet

Online retailer and Amazon competitor Barnes and Nobel is expected to launch a new e-reader on May 24.

According to Reuters, Amazon made a filing with the US Securities and Exchange board regarding a recent meeting with shareholders and analysts.

In the meeting, the company revealed that it plans to launch a new e-reader device but chose not to give any further details. It is expected that the e-reader will be more of a tablet device designed to take on both Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad.

The company recently released a firmware update to its Android powered Nook Color device which brought support for Adobe Flash, improved the web browser and added app store access.

The next version of Nook Color is expected to be designed along the same lines, featuring more tablet-like features meant to enhance e-reader capabilities.

Barnes and Nobel, primarily a book seller, had aimed to mimic Amazon’s success with the Kindle and the ebook market, but it has not had nearly as much success. Some critics have said that repositioning the Nook in between dedicated e-readers and tablet computers leaves it in the middle, possibly falling through the cracks.