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Brocade Releases Mix Of Hardware And Software Cloud Solutions

Enterprise networking firm Brocade has released a mix of hardware and software utilities designed to cater to the growing virtualised cloud market and encourage transition to the IPv6 protocol.

During the company’s Technology Day Summit, in San Jose, California, Brocade revealed its new product line-up that is designed to allow easy transition of virtual machines between centres and greater control over the WAN and network software.

According to an article on V3, the company believes that using its equipment, cloud service providers could become application vendors that cater to the cloud.

The company announced new hardware, including the 16 GBps fibre channel DCX 8510 Backbone, the 6510 Switch and the 1860 Fabric Adapter that is based on the Fabric 7.0 operating system. Brocade also dished out the Network Advisor 11.1 management software, which along with the hardware, is expected to be released in the second half of 2011.

"The virtual enterprise is here. It's the most efficient way to run an IT infrastructure. We're entering an environment where WAN bandwidth and compute ability is sufficient to build a mixed IT infrastructure that is effectively seamless for users. It's the democratisation of IT; anyone can play in that environment," said Dave Stevens, Brocade's chief technology officer.