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China Creates New Internet Governing Body, Increased Censorship Expected

The Chinese government has set up a new internet information governing body that analysts expect will reinforce its web censorship efforts.

In a statement to the country’s State Council General Office, the government announced the creation of the State Internet Information Office, which will be responsible for directing, coordinating and managing the country’s online content.

This means that China’s control over its webspace is set to grow, despite opposition from internet freedom activists.

“The new body should allow policy makers and top authorities to better coordinate the various regulatory bodies that oversee the Internet. This will allow for tighter regulations of the Internet." Mark Natkin, managing director of Chinese research firm Marbridge Consulting, said in a statement to PC World (opens in new tab).

The State Internet Information Office will also be responsible for dealing with businesses related to online news.

China has governed the its internet with an iron first and is infamous for its web censorship tactics. The country bans online content and websites that it believes could stir its people into rebellion and destabilise its social structure. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are banned, though many people have found workarounds to access the sites.

According to an article on Xinhua (opens in new tab)news agency, the office will also be responsible for developing online games, online video and online audio businesses.