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Exclusive: Intel's First 3-D Tri-Gate Ivy Bridge Clocked At 2GHz

We were told at an event organised by Intel this evening, not to take pictures of the hardware running Ivy Bridge, the first chip to be manufactured using the 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate technology introduced by the semiconductor giant.

However, we did manage to get a quick picture of the system properties window which showed that the chip was running at 2GHz; the heatsink of the CPU was cold to the touch, not even warm.

Obviously at this stage, there were no CPUID and one Intel employee added that the Ivy Bridge sample had arrived straight from Intel's labs in Haifa, Israel, on the day itself.

Intel had a barebone desktop running, that uses a development motherboard, probably an EVOC Sandy Bridge based seed board as we noticed that it had a 12V power supply.

The Ivy Bridge chip on this one froze once, which forced the operator to proceed with a warm booting. There was also an Ivy Bridge-based laptop on display as well but nothing would distinguish it from a normal, bog-standard Sandy Bridge based product.

Both computers were running full HD videos using a 64-bit version of VLC on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit without breaking a sweat. All in all, a comfortable afternoon for a chip whose scheduled launch (CES 2012) is eight months from now.