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Gartner Reveals Oracle Leading Enterprise Software Vendor Of 2010

A new report has placed Oracle as the fastest growing big enterprise software vendor in 2010.

The report was published by the leading IT research and advisory group Gartner Inc. Oracle surpassed many other big names such as IBM, SAP and Microsoft amongst many others.

But that by no means indicates towards a sloppy performance by these software giants - the overall growth of the enterprise market was fairly satisfactory at approximately $20 billion. It is just that, Oracle registered a significantly higher growth than the rest in the given year.

"The year represented a return to solid footing as the market recovered and expanded in terms of revenue and geographies," the managing vice president at Gartner, Joanne Correia, said in a statement.

"However, some regions did not recover as rapidly as others. Japan and Western Europe saw relatively modest dollar-denominated growth, while Latin America and Asia/Pacific saw growth in the mid-to-high teens, nearly double the market average," she added.

According to the report, the enterprise market last year saw a steady 8.5% growth, eventually hitting the $245 billion figure. Microsoft alone registered a massive $6 billion upward leap in terms of revenue. This success by the Redmond, Washington based software giant is believed to have originated from the Windows 7 operating system that saw quite a few updates by various enterprise clients.