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iPad 2 Competitors May Face Inventory Surplus

There are just two iPads, but Android tablets are manifold. As every company hopes to take on Apple’s indomitable iPad, they could face the unpleasant outcome of not having enough buyers, resulting in being left with an excess of stock.

DigiTimes has been told by market watchers that all non-Apple tablets may encounter this risk in the tablet market, as the demand is estimated to be around 20 million units and, of course, focused on iPads. Most of the other companies don’t have the know-how that Apple has acquired right from the initial launch, and many clients are aware of that.

It is said that there’s a sales war between Apple and Samsung, Motorola, RIM, Acer, Asustek, but the latter ones also have to contend with smaller manufacturers, such as ViewSonic, Adventa and Gigabyte.

"Since there are already many tablet PC models with different specifications causing a mess in the tablet PC ecosystem, the market watchers (are) concerned that the market will soon enter fierce competition with many players to start phasing out of the segment in the fourth quarter," the report said.

And, as if it wasn’t enough, Amazon seems eager to enter this crazy market, hoping that their tablet launch will be successful having already made a name with the Kindle.