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Is iPad 2 A Giant Leap From The iPad?

More than 30 days after the iPad 2 launch in the UK there are many reasons to praise the second generation iPad and consider it a true technological advancement, but there are also improvements to be made with the iPad 3.

The iPad 2 is slimmer and lighter, allowing you to keep the tablet just in one hand, as some apps require; this would have been difficult with the first version. The dual-core processor makes the iPad 2 faster and it now launches and runs applications much more smoothly, saving time, even if we’re only talking about seconds.

The iPad 2 cameras seem to only be a serious improvement for application developers, not so much for usual iPad 2 users, who only want to use the camera for its basic purpose – taking pictures. That’s why some “proud” owners of iPads may enviously glimpse over at some of the 8MP Android-powered tablets. The iPad 2 does well in the gaming field, providing a compelling experience for all types of gamers, and there are a wide range of games available.

After testing a Honeycomb tablet for some days and then switching back to the iPad 2, you may have the feeling that the iPad 2 isn’t really yours, as you aren’t able to personalize it to the same extent: different wallpapers, keyboards, UI modifications. Also, there are restrictions on media formats, also shackling iPad users to iTunes.

Nevertheless, the iPad 2 is still the absolute leader within the tablet market, being the most complete and functional slate out there. Three years ago, there was no tablet market at all. Can you imagine how the tablet market will look in 2015?