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Isis Mobile Phone Payment May Not Go Forward With Barclays, Discover

The Isis mobile phone payment started by US telecom companies might move forward with different banks and network partners than originally intended.

According to a report on Reuters, the Isis mobile payments venture might launch with several banking firms, possibly including Discover Financial Services and Barclays.

Discover and Barclays were announced as the original and only banking partners of the ambitious mobile payments service started by Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

The three big US telecom services providers had initially announced that they were looking to a build a new mobile payments network with Discover and Barclays. But now, the situation has changed.

Isis Chief Marketing Officer Ryan Hughes said in an interview with Reuters that the venture was in talks with other potential partners.

“We ultimately will start with several partners, including banks and payment network. Our hope and our belief is we'll continue to be able to work with Discover and Barclays,” he said.

But he also added that he could not confirm whether Discover and Barclays would be a part of the initial launch of the service. This news is considered a set back to Discover, who is trying to compete with Visa and MasterCard.