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Mac OS X Lion Will Uninstall Apps In The Same Manner As iOS

Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X Lion operating system, which is expected to be launched this summer, will come with iOS-like capabilities for uninstalling applications.

According to an article on Mac Rumors, developers going through the latest preview build version of the Mac OS X Lion released by Apple have discovered an app-uninstalling method that is similar to the one found on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad.

Apple has previously hinted that Mac OS X Lion will be influenced by the iOS platform. Indeed, the company has labeled the Mac OS X Lion as a mixture of the ‘power’ of Mac OS X and the ‘magic’ of the iPad.

When users click and hold on an icon for an application. The selected application begins to wiggle just like in iOS and a cross appears on the application’s icon. When users click on the cross, a dialogue box appears which asks them if they are sure about deleting the application. Clicking on delete will remove the application from the system.

However, developers claim that the iOS uninstalling functions is only available for apps that have been downloaded using the Mac App Store.