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Red Hat Releases Two New Cloud Computing Products

In an attempt to counter Microsoft Azure, Red Hat has come up with its own cloud platforms, designed with both administrators and developers in mind.

According to Red Hat, the cloud services CloudForms and Openshift will enable enterprises and developers to function under both public and private cloud environments, as well as support Red Hat's Linux and JBoss platforms.

Red Hat also revealed that CloudForms has been specifically designed to facilitate enterprises with the ability to build hybrid public and private cloud systems. With this platform, companies can merge on-premise , private cloud servers with public cloud platforms.

"We really feel that we are redefining the capabilities that are necessary for enterprises to build out these hybrid and private clouds," Bryan Che, Red Hat senior director for product management and marketing said in a statement.

"If you want to bring the power and value of cloud to your enterprise it has to be able to encompass anything you are doing," he added.

In keeping with its background releasing Linux-based operating systems, Red Hat also announced the availability of the OpenShift platform either as a free software or with an optional premium paid service.