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Sony Blames Anonymous For PlayStation Network Attack

Sony claims that the investigators examining the recent attack on the company’s gaming networks have evidence that the hacktivist group Anonymous being behind the act.

Kazup Hirai, the chairman of Sony Systems in his letter to the US Congressional committee mentioned that a file linked to these attacks was discovered by the investigators working on the matter, and that the file contains the name “Anonymous”, with the phrase “We are Legion”- which is believed to be a part of the Anonymous motto.

Mr. Hirai also linked this recent attack with the series of assaults against Sony by Anonymous that began on April 16, in retaliation to legal actions taken against the “infamous” PlayStation jail-breaker George Hotz.

"Several Sony companies had been been the target of a large-scale, coordinated denial of service attack by the group called Anonymous," said Hirai, The Telegraph (opens in new tab) reports.

"The attacks were coordinated against Sony as a protest against Sony for exercising its rights in a civil action in the United States District Court in San Francisco against a hacker," he added.

Following these attacks on the PlayStation Network on the PC Gaming networks, Sony has taken both sites offline to assist the investigation currently being carried out by FBI and digital forensic contractors.

Anonymous is not an organised group, and even if individuals who self-identify as Anonymous are involved, it's not clear that the entire group is culpable.