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Sony CEO Silent After Weeks Of PSN Security Breach

Ever since Sony revealed to the world about the PSN security breach, the company has come under attack from the US government, class action lawsuits and angry customers, demanding a full explanation about the attack.

Sony informed its 102 million PlayStation Network and PC games customers more than a week after the company’s servers were breached by hackers. The company revealed that hackers had stolen personal and financial information belonging to millions of users.

The company has released a very less amount of information about the attack that was originally anticipated. Apart from demanding answer, Sony’s customers and everybody else is eager to know why Sony’s chairman, chief executive, and president Howard Stringer has remained silent even as his company faces a great deal of challenges ahead of itself.

As CNET notes, almost every single Sony announcement after the breach was delivered by the company’s spokesman Patrick Seybold. Making periodic posts to the public is a part of his job but something of this magnitude calls on the CEO and President to rise up to the occasion and make the company’s stand clear.

Even the Sony press conference in Tokyo involved Sony’s deputy president Kazuo Hirai explaining the situation to the press and apologising on behalf of the company.