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Steve Wozniak Calls Paul Allen A Patent Troll

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Inc. recently disclosed his dissatisfaction with the existing patent laws in the US, and then went a step further by calling Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen a “patent troll”.

Wozniak made these remark at this year’s ESC (Embedded System Conference Silicon Valley), which is currently underway in San José, California.

Patent trolls are people whosue for patent violations when there is no infringement, or when the patent itself is for a commonly used methodology; the goal is to reach a small out-of-court settlement instead of going through an expensive trial. These settlements then give patent trolls more funds to go after other innocent companies.

"A lot of patents are pretty much not worth that much,...In other words, any fifth-grader could come up with the same approach." Wozniak reportedly said during his keynote audience at the conference, The Register reports.

"Paul Allen should be out there investing in companies that are doing something, making products, actually making a new future for the world, and not 'I'm ... going to sue people, and get in bed with the lawyers to make my money. That’s not the right way,” said Wozniak.