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Why Having Standard & Pro iPhone 5 Handsets Doesn't Make Sense

Last week, a blog reported that Apple may be releasing two versions of the iPhone 5, one which may be billed as a "standard" one while the other will be presented as the "pro" one.

The author of the post on iPhoneDownloadBlog, Alex, quotes anonymous sources saying that the better version will have "the very best of what you can get right now" in terms of components, before adding that "Apple is ordering better quality components for the same function".

We're dubious about this rumour for a number of reasons; firstly, Apple doesn't do "pro" and "standard" versions. The straight-forwardness of its product range is one of the company's main selling points.

The only differentiators between the current iPhone models are the inherent network technology, the colour and the capacity; using only these parameters yields 12 stock keeping units, which would double to 24 if IDB is to be believed.

A single product like the iPhone 4 ensures a coherent user experience across the whole spectrum; from playing games, to reading emails or browsing the internet.

Introducing an iPhone 5 'Lite' dilutes that experience and may confuse the user, especially if Apple keeps the iPhone 4 as it did with the iPhone 3GS, which is more than likely to happen.

Then there's the fact that there aren't many features that can be altered without impacting on the user experience. Sure Apple can change the type of screen used, the screen size or resolution, the amount of memory and the number of cores on the next iPhone, but other than that it's quite hard to see how they would be able to differentiate between the Pro and the Standard iPhone 5.