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Would You Want A Red iPad 2 Without The Apple Logo?

When it comes to iPhones or iPads, it’s all about Black and White. Apple’s OS is un-customizable, therefore personalizing the way your iPad looks is a great way to let your own personality come through.

ColorWare can help in this regard, by painting your tablet with a scratch-resistant coating. You can even customize the Apple logo, and make the apple red!

What’s even better, is that you can choose your aspect, by playing around with more than 20 colours, on the customization page. If you can’t find the right combination, just hit the “brainstorm” button and the system will randomly allocate some colours for you. Customers can select either Gloss or Soft Touch finish. One funny feature offered is removing the Apple logo. You’d have to pay around $100 though for that “treacherous” customization.

The prices start from $400, which is certainly not a low price - that amount would be enough to buy an alternative Android-powered tablet and test its powers.

Obviously, it would be excellent if Apple could offer this kind of service itself. They did try to do something in this direction, by personalizing gifts with engravings. But, let’s face it, having a red iPad with your own company logo on it, is far more exciting than just being a black or white owner.