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£20.49 Compro VideoMate S350 DVB-S PCI Card

The Compro VideoMate S350 is a new generation digital satellite TV tuner card that enables you to capture both analogue and digital signals.

With the VideoMate S350 in your home-entertainment “arsenal”, you can enjoy DVB-S digital satellite TV shows on your PC. And not only that, you can also schedule the recording of your favourite programs just in case you miss any of those on a given day.

The size of the product is extremely user friendly- the dimension being only 141 x 100 mm.

The capture format is the standard NTSC/PAL and the maximum resolution is 720 x 576 for PAL, and 720 x 480 for NTFS. The video rate on the other hand stands at 0.2M ~10 bit / second.

The card also features a handful of built-in software that equips you with a number of additional very exciting features such as Video Desktop to setup your live TV screen as wallpaper mode, customizable brightness, hue, saturation and contrast, as well as customisable TV audio in each TV channel and many more.

The Compro VideoMate S350 is available on for £20.49 only.