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Apple's iPad Accounts For 82 Percent Of US Tablet Market

Apple currently controls 82 percent of the US tablet market thanks to its immensely popular iPad tablet, a research firm has revealed.

The metric is a part of a Spring 2011 survey conducted by market research firm Neilsen, which sheds light on the impact tablet devices are having on desktops, laptops and other media devices.

According to the company, around 35 percent of the tablet owners who also had a desktop at home admitted using their desktops less often or not at all, Nielsen reports.

Meanwhile, around 32 percent of the respondents who also had a laptop said that they had started using their laptop devices less often or never since they purchased a tablet device. Similarly 27 percent e-reader owners said they used their device less or never owing to the tablet they had purchased.

Tablet devices were having the same effects on portable media devices as on the e-reader. The company also revealed that one in four respondents who had a portable gaming console cited less usage after purchasing a tablet.

The survey also revealed that 77 percent of the users were using tablet devices to perform actions that they earlier performed using desktops or laptop devices.