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EU Funds Research Into Innovative New Devices

The European Commission has cleared the proposed €1.5 million to fund projects, dedicated to developing a wide range of new and innovative “ground-breaking” technologies that can potentially change the shape of our planet, not literally though.

The projects include helper robots, creating flexible carbon and supercomputers that will be used to model human intelligence.

These projects were cleared as part of the Digital Agenda's Future and Emerging Technologies competition. More projects will be rewarded next year, with further funding reaching up to €100 million per annum for the next 10 years.

European Commission vice president for Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes expressed her optimism about these projects providing ground-breaking technologies to industries from various sectors in the near future.

"The finalists announced today will plant the seeds for tomorrow's innovation. Europe hosts some of the world's leading researchers in the fascinating and highly inspiring area of future and emerging technologies," said Kroes, V3 reports.

"By joining forces to address grand challenges, European, national and regional funding can lead to innovations that will tackle problems like neuro-degenerative diseases and climate change."