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Expert Recommends Regular Eye Tests To Boost Productivity

Companies should subject their employees to regular eye tests in order to boost productivity, an eye expert has said.

Optometrist and Specs of Kensington founder Daska Barnett said that regular eye tests are capable of curing the stress caused by sitting for long hours in front of the computer.

Although there were no ‘major’ risks that came with prolonged computer, employees’ productivity might be impacted owning to symptoms that emerge.

The eye tests advised by her will help employees more carefree about eye problems and make them much more comfortable at work.

“Our message is to encourage people to have their eyes examined to make sure that they are performing comfortably in the workplace, which means that they are not troubled by symptoms while they're at work,” she said.

Her remarks come as a EEF and Westfield research found that sickness related work leaves had fallen from 6.7 days in 2007 to five days in 2010, reports Thomsons.

The same research also revealed that around 39 percent of the companies said that at least one worker had gotten a medical treatment done which was funded by the company while 15 percent said that they offered their employees medical insurance.