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Giant egg lands at Future Minds show in London

A giant audiovisual 'egg', a 3D printed face and a shopping trolley armchair are among ten innovations hand-picked by a panel of celebrity curators to "shape lives in cities of the future", showcased this week in a pop-up exhibition at London's Southbank.

DJs Lauren Laverne and Jo Whiley, Times architecture critic Tom Dyckhoff and fashion designer William Tempest were among the curators of the Future Minds event, which runs until 16th May.

The projects, drawn from the categories of 'culture and society', 'media and IT' and 'science, architecture and design' are on display in the exhibition, have been selected for promoting a sense of community and making every urban life more positive and sustainable.

Among the exhibits is a slightly creepy plastic face mask produced using 3D printing by technology company Inition, whose Thinglab provides a new spin on old-fashioned office party photocopier antics by exhorting users to "scan and print your face!"

Gadget Show presenter Ortis Deley, who chose the firm, sagely noted: "I love discovering new technologies which are used in an innovative way... 3D printing, well that's just lots of fun, isn't it?"

Other offerings include Reestore, a range of recycled furniture by British designer Max McMurdo, which includes a coffee table made from a washing machine drum and a supermarket trolley cunningly refashioned into an armchair.

More off-the-wall was Ovei by Lee McCormack, a giant plastic egg that users can climb inside for a fully immersive audiovisual experience. Why, we're not quite sure - but it's certainly futuristic.

"Both Ovei and Reestore have taken traditional design concepts and turned them on their heads to create something new and innovative," says design curator, William Tempest. "Max and Lee are fantastic designers and its people like them who should be regarded and nurtured as the future of the UK's design scene."

The display has been organised to tout the green credentials of a brand new electric runabout called 'fortwo' from car maker Smart, which visitors can take for a test drive around the site.

Also taking part in the exhibition was illustrator Johanna Basford, who spent two days covering one of Smart's new cars with doodles of ideas and inventions sent in by members of the public via a special Twitter account, in response to the question: "What will the future look like?".

Drop her a line now using the hashtag #smartpic, and you could see your hare-brained scheme immortalised on its bodywork.

Among the ideas being drawn as thinq_ dropped in was a giant umbrella to cover London, a 'women's mind reader helmet' and Johanna's favourite, an automatic gin and tonic dispenser.

You can also watch Johanna's efforts live on the event's Facebook page.

When the drawings are complete, they will be up for grabs as a 2D silk screen print in a limited edition of 100 copies.