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IDC Predicts That ARM Will Control 15 Percent Of PC Market By 2015

Mobile processor manufacturer ARM is expected to control around 15 percent of the PC market by 2015, a research firm has predicted.

According to a recent report released by the IDC, the company, which makes processors that are used in almost all smartphone and tablet PC devices, has yet to enter the PC processor market that is largely dominated by Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

Even though the company has no presence in the PC market, Microsoft’s decision to make the new version of its Windows operating system compatible with ARM’s low powered chips for desktop and laptop device, could allow it to compete with Intel and AMD.

ARM had previously said that entering the PC processor market was not a priority for the company as it wouldn't yield enough gain considering Intel’s dominance.

Even chip makers like Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments have revealed that their chips designed around ARM processors will work with Windows 8.

“By 2015, IDC expects that over 13 percent of PC processors will be based on the ARM architecture,” IDC analyst Shane Rau said in an emailed statement reported by CNET (opens in new tab).

“Windows 8 moving to ARM is the major assumption in the long-term forecast for ARM in PCs. As Nvidia, Qualcomm, and TI announced at CES, they'll support Windows 8 with ARM-based SoCs, so that's a clear sign of intent to design for PCs and so the market direction,” he added.