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Microsoft To Release Two Major Patches Next Week

Microsoft announced that it is going to release critical security updates for the Windows Server Software and MS Powerpoint on Tuesday, next week.

The company said that the updates will patch a critical bug in the Windows Server, as well as a couple of vulnerabilities in the presentation maker application Powerpoint that comes with the Microsoft Office bundle, V3 reports.

The size of the new package is going to be fairly small compared to the one released last month. The April update featured patches for a record 64 flaws in its Windows OS, Internet Explorer, MS Office and a number of other software.

Microsoft has been releasing major updates every two months for some time now, releasing much fewer updates in the time in between.

Out of the two updates scheduled for May 10, one has been ranked by the company as “critical”, while the other as “important”.

The “critical” bulletin will patch the three existing server platforms of the company- Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008. Desktop Windows systems are not susceptible to the vulnerability to that this patch fixes.

Microsoft is expected to give more details after the patches are actually released.