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Noon News: US Senator Appeals To Baidu, Google Earth For Honeycomb, Oracle Google Lawsuit, RIM Appoints New VP

US Senator Richard Durbin has written a letter to the Chinese internet firm Baidu seeking information about a potential partnership with the social media giant Facebook. In the same letter, Mr Durbin appealed to Baidu not to interfere with the freedom of expression of its users by censoring search results. The Democrat from Illinois released a copy of the letter on Wednesday to the media.

Google has released a tablet-optimised version of its Google Earth navigation tool for Android Honeycomb based tablet devices. In a blog post, the search engine giant said that the new Google Earth for Android tablets was designed to be used with tablets with large screens and makes full use of the multi-touch technology. The app will feature fully textured 3D buildings which will make city tours look more realistic than ever before.

Research in Motion announced Thursday that Roger Baxter has been appointed as the new vice president of brand and marketing communication. Mr. Baxter is replacing Paul Kalbfleisch, the previous vice president of brand creativity. Before joining RIM, Baxter was serving a leading advertising firm named Publicis Groupe SA as the chief strategy officer in Seattle.

Google has formally joined a group of companies, trade groups and organisations that are opposing the Californian Do Not Track law that would allow web users to prevent online companies from tracking their web activity. The Register, the group opposing the Do Not Track bill comprises around 30 companies and trade groups related to online advertising, The Register reports.

The judge presiding over the Oracle-Google Android patent infringement lawsuit has reduced the number of claims against Android from 129 to only three. Oracle had filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing it of infringing Oracle-owned Java patents in the Android mobile operating system. Oracle gained control over Java after it acquired Sun Microsystems.