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Report Claims Hackers Planning Third Attack On Sony

Hackers are planning a third ‘major’ attack on Sony for this weekend as the PSN platform remains down, reports have suggested.

Sources have told CNET that hackers are planning to further humiliate Sony in retaliation to the manner in which the company had handled the PSN breach.

The company took longer than two weeks to reveal that hackers had stolen vital personal and financial information belonging to PSN users from its servers.

According the CNET report, an observer keeping an eye on the Internet Relay Chat channel used by hackers said that the hackers planning the weekend attack are thinking of attacking the company’s website.

The conspirators are also planning to make the information they steal during the attack publicly available. This can include customer names, credit card information and addresses.

Sony certainly can’t afford another attack on its servers at a time when the US government, the FBI and a host of other companies are investigating the attack. The company has also been slapped with two class action lawsuits because of the breach.

Recently, Sony President and CEO Howard Stringer apologised to PSN users about the breach and informed that the company will be activating the network within a few days.