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Researchers Developing “Kissing Simulator” In Japan

A group of researchers in Japan are currently developing a “kissing simulator” which will allow people to kiss over the internet.

The research carried out by the Kajimoto Research Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications focuses towards building a machine that records the motion of the tongue and sends it across the other side of the web, at the target. However to get the “feel” of the kiss, the user at the other end also needs to be equipped with the machine.

"This device is for communications within the mouth," Nobuhiro Takahashi, a member of the research group told the DigInfo TV reports The Register. "In other words, the goal is to obtain the feeling of kissing."

The device, currently under development very much looks like a straw and features software for the purpose of detecting and capturing every movement of the users’ tongue.

"We propose a novel remote communication device for close relationships like lovers," the project description states.

It added, "We focus on kisses, since kisses are haptic communications on the mouths that can express deep emotion. We considered that if we mutually present the haptic sensation to each mouth, we can convey the expression of emotion, deepen their relationship."