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RIM To Pitch 10-inch Blackberry Playbook Against Apple iPad 2?

RIM is set to launch a bigger, 10-inch version of the Blackberry Playbook to compete with the iPad 2, just in time for the holidays towards the end of the year.

Mobile news outlet BGR cites several anonymous sources who said that the key differentiator will be the screen size and it may just be a bigger version rather than a new model altogether.

Now there are more than a few questions to be asked; firstly, what about price? The Playbook, which has not yet officially been launched in the UK, costs $500 for the 16GB model, which doesn't come with 3G connectivity.

A bigger 10-inch model is likely to cost much more than that and may still not be 3G-enabled, which, against the iPad 2, might not work that well.

There's also the product positioning strategy; if RIM's 10-inch Blackberry only offers a bigger screen without a higher resolution for example or other improvements, then there will be little incentive to switch from a potentially cheaper 7-inch tablet to a more expensive 10-inch one.

Should RIM stick to the proposed "end of year" release date, then there is a risk of it being lost amongst the raft of new tablets - including some rumoured quad-core models - that will come just in time for Christmas.