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Rumours point to a fresh Sony hack attack

A third major attack against Sony is planned for this weekend, according to sources who claim to have been monitoring communication between hackers on Internet Relay Chat channels.

The anonymous sources - not to be confused, of course, with Anonymous sources - are apparently discussing an attack against Sony's web site which could see the data stolen in the most recent attack against the company's PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment breaches made public, CNET claims.

That news will come as a shock to what passes for a leadership at digital vigilante group Anonymous: the group recently issued a statement denying involvement in the security breach that saw millions of customer names, addresses, e-mails, and even credit card details siphoned off from Sony's apparently poorly-secured server.

While Sony claimed that it discovered a file on the cracked server entitled 'Anonymous' - with the contents "We are Legion," - the group denied any part in proceedings, but acknowledged that its anarchic nature means some splinter group or other may have taken things a step too far.

With Anonymous continuing to claim to be on the side of the consumer - merely seeking to punish Sony for its transgressions in removing the Other OS functionality from its PlayStation 3 console and then suing hackers who had the temerity to add the feature back in place - the publication of private customer files would hurt the group's reputation almost as much as it would hurt Sony.

Those whose details were stolen in the original attack are advised to watch Sony's site closely this weekend.