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SAP Plans Integration Of StreamWorks Platform And Business Intelligence Tools

German enterprise software maker SAP is leaning heavily on making its business intelligence tool more collaboration friendly by launching a new collaboration software.

The company plans to integrate the new StreamWorks platform with its business intelligence offerings.

The SAP StreamWorks platform is a web based collaboration platform that can be integrated to a host of SAP applications including SAP's Customer Relationship Management to bring an element of social networking to the enterprise. It works by allowing employees to make collaborative decisions in real-time.

However, as of now, the tool is only compatible with SAP CRM, Product Lifecycle Management and BusinessObjects Strategy Management but the company plans to introduce support for more tools in the future.

The tool has been designed to allow employees to track activities like meetings and keep preview and approve documents and projects in real-time. Users will also be able to upload content in real-time and use various tools like tables, polls and rankings.

“With SAP StreamWork, we've delivered a contextually-relevant approach that's easy for business people to learn and use within their current processes, while at the same time serving the security and flexible management needs of IT,” SAP Global Collaboration and Cloud Analytics global vice-president Jack Miller, said in a statement to InformationWeek.