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TalkTalk Suffers Outage Following Technical Glitches

British telecom giant TalkTalk has suffered a massive setback with its email and telephony services falling victim to some serious technical glitches.

Following this disruption in the company’s key services which left many of its users outraged, TalkTalk came out with a statement saying that it is trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

"We're experiencing a technical issue this morning that means you can't access our website, or visit MyAccount, at the moment. We are sorry about this and are working hard to get this resolved as soon as we can,” the company stated in its website.

It continued, “This issue also led to disrupted voice services for some customers who were unable to make or receive calls for a short time, this is now resolved.”

Nothing official has come out yet regarding which other services, if any, fell victim to these glitches. However, a spokesperson for the company reportedly told PC Pro that the broadband services were working as usual.

But he also admitted, as stated by PC Pro, that some customers, particularly those with the Pipex subscription, may have faced difficulties while accessing their emails.