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UK Developer Creates Raspberry Pi, The £15 Computer Device

UK developer David Braben has created a computer device for students that is going to cost anywhere between £10 to £15.

Braben, who is behind the popular Elite space trading computer game, has created a tiny computer USB device that can be attached to a HDMI supporting television for video output. Users will have to buy a keyboard for input but it is not confirmed whether the device will support a mouse.

The device is still in a proto-type phase and does not come with additional connectivity options for connecting over media and data storage devices. Perhaps the finished product might.

The idea of a USB like computing device will surely appeal to many students, especially those who come from not so well to do backgrounds. The device could help reduce the gap between rich and poor students.

Called the Raspberry Pi, the device is powered by a 700MHz ARM11 processor and 128MB of SDRAM. It comes with USB and HDMI input-output support, memory card slots, Open GL ES 2.0 support and HD support, The Inquirer reveals.

Announcing the new device, Braben directed his criticism towards the UK government’s ICT teaching program.

“Although it is well meaning, ICT teaching has killed off interest in computing and computer sciences. Of course ICT skills are very useful, but they are more of a life skill or a skill that is generally used in the office, learning about Word or PowerPoint and so on. And in fact many students are much more advanced than their teachers which leads to a great de-motivation in the classroom,” he said in a statement to Tech Eye.