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Unconfirmed Report Reveals BlackBerry PlayBook Successor To Have 10-inch Screen

According to recent rumours, the BlackBerry phone maker Research in Motion (RIM) is going to unveil the successor of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with a massive 10 inch screen.

The rumours came into being following a unconfirmed report published in the tech website Boy Genius Report.

According to this report, the product is likely to be launched somewhere during the holiday season this year. The report refers to inputs taken by a number of “reliable”, but unnamed sources. The original PlayBook was unveiled by the company this year in April.

The BGR report states: “RIM is planning on releasing its follow up to the BlackBerry PlayBook around the holidays this year. That’s clearly less than a year from the April launch of the original PlayBook.”

The new PlayBook with the 10 inch screen, also known as the PlayBook 2, will reportedly feature an updated operating system, presumably the BlackBerry OS 7, along with a fully equipped email client, and also the widely popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Although RIM has not officially confirmed these rumours, but there is a pretty good chance of the product being unveiled during the next BlackBerry DevCon event, scheduled in October 18 this year.