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Virgin Media Closes Trowbridge Call Centre, Outsources To Accenture

UK telecom giant Virgin Media is planning a major overhaul in its IT infrastructure by awarding an outsourcing contract to Accenture.

Sources have told The Register that the company’s move to outsource its IT might have an immediate impact on 174 people including 90 redundancies.

The company’s major IT overhauling plan will see the company’s IT staff centralised in Virgin Media’s Hook base. Accenture is expected to take over a majority of IT roles from the company’s IT staff including testing and validation among other services.

A spokesperson confirmed the outsourcing process to the tech blog, but added that only 80 jobs were at risk but they will be eligible for redeployment elsewhere within the company itself.

The report comes as the company announced its plans to close down its call centre in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. The move is a part of the company’s plan to shift its Mobile operation to Virgin Media operation that includes a single billing system.

The company said that around 450 people will be affected by the closure but the company claimed that a majority of them will be moved to a different centre while some of them will be deployed in other departments.