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ARM Unafraid Of Competition From Intel

Smartphone and tablet processor manufacturer ARM says that it is not threatened by Intel’s 22 nanometer 3D transistors.

The shares of ARM, which has a strong grip in the mobile market, fell as investors waited for Intel’s announcement. Intel claimed that the new breakthrough will reduce power consumption and enhance the performance of smartphones and tablets.

However, products carrying the new Intel chips, which will be a part of its Ivy Bridge line, won’t appear by the end of this year.

“For us, this announcement has come as no surprise as we know that Intel, and the industry as a whole, has been working on this technology for a number of years. You always have to watch the competition, but we are confident that the strength of the ARM ecosystem is robust enough to compete,” Ian Drew, ARM’s executive vice-president of marketing told The Telegraph.

ARM said that it has a robust 22nm portfolio and is working with industry leading manufecturers including IBM, to develop smartphone and tablet chips based on 14nm and 20 nm architecture.

“The ARM ecosystem is active in 22nm, and already working at 20nm, with ARM actively working on intellectual property [IP] for these nodes,” Mr Drew added. “Also, we have announced four test chips at 20nm/22nm and are collaborating with every major industry foundry at 20nm/22nm.”