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BT Uses Former Military Personnel To Lay Broadband Cables

UK telecom giant BT has recruited around 200 former members of the army to help with the national roll-out of super-fast fibre based broadband.

The company’s Openreach division announced that the 200 ex-army men and women will get to work on the project starting this month.

BT expects to offer super-fast broadband to almost two-thirds of UK households and businesses by 2015. The company will be spending around £2.5 billion on setting up the super-fast broadband network, which is expected to deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

“It's fantastic that we've been able to recruit so many ex-armed services personnel. These people have served their country well and so deserve the chance of full-time employment with a generous reward package,” said Olivia Garfield, chief executive of Openreach, The Register reports.

“They are highly skilled, motivated and disciplined and have experience of complex engineering tasks in challenging environments,” she added.

Meanwhile the UK Ministry of Defence lauded BT for recognising the potential of UK’s army personnel and said that it was a good opportunity for former army men and women to advance their carriers and have job security.

"We strongly welcome this initiative, and its promise of rewarding employment and career opportunities for many former armed forces personnel.”