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Cloud Adoption May Slow Down Following EC2 Crash, SAP Reveals

SAP, a leading business application provider has revealed the possibility of a slow-down in the cloud computing sector following the crash of Amazon’s EC2 cloud platform.

SAP also warned that after these glitches faced by EC2, businesses are now likely to be reluctant towards shifting towards the cloud for the fear of unreliability and security risks.

Sanjay Poonen, the Global Business Solutions president, SAP revealed in an exclusive interview to Bloomberg that the shutdown of Amazon’s EC2 last month in April, along with the number of technical glitches recently faced by Google in its online productivity apps have posed a wakeup call for the $68bn cloud industry.

“The recent outages and challenges in cloud computing faced by and Google are an opportunity for the industry to team together to better define standards,” Poonen said.

He also said that the industry pour in some extra efforts in order to “make people comfortable with where cloud computing is.”

Poonen also expressed his concerns over the problems faced by other companies making negative impacts on SAP’s effort towards delivering an advanced and high-quality cloud infrastructure to its clients.

Expressing his thought about the modernisation attempts made by the company to project itself more than just as an orthodox “on-premise” solution provider, Poonen said, “We’ve had to make it a high priority so that we tell the world we aren’t this old dinosaur company, with only on-premise”.