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Microsoft's "Do The Math" Pits Macs Against PCs

Microsoft has launched a new web page that encourages users to buy a new PC instead of a Mac, further fueling the tired Mac vs PC debate.

The page, named do the math tells users how financially advantageous it is to buy a PC instead of a Mac.

It boasts, “Surf Web, or surf Hawaii... The choice is yours. When you a buy a PC this summer, you’ll have tons of cash left over to spend on other things. Still not convinced?”

The page also features a comparison chart between the iMac 21.5 and a number of PCs including the Sony Vaio J, HP Touchsmart 300-1000 and HP All-in-One 200-5250, powered by the Windows platform.

Of course, the price of the Mac has always been more than PCs, there has never been any doubt about that. Mac enthusiasts claim that Macs have a significantly better OS, making up for the cost premium.

The page also compares computers according to other vital stats including RAM, hard drive space, battery life and processing speed, though Microsoft could easily be accused of cherry-picking comparisons that make Apple look bad.

Regardless, a page put up by Microsoft is unlikely to persuade anyone who has already made up his or her mind.