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Top Red Hat Executives Sound Battle-cry Against Microsoft And VMware

Top Red Hat executives have sounded a fierce battle-cry against Microsoft and VMware in the virtualisation and cloud computing market.

According to a report on The Register, the company’s chairman, General Hugh Shelton, who was formally the head of the joint chiefs in the US military, claimed that in order for Red Hat to expand forward, the company had to eliminate competition.

Shelton made a grand speech on the battle of open source against commercial software, during the company’s annual conference.

Meanwhile, Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's president and CEO, who came after Shelton, compared the open source movement against commercial software with the recent rebellions in the Middle East and Africa.

“People want to choose their destinies. They are demanding transparency, and they are demanding openness. It is no surprise that these things are happening now, and simultaneously." Whitehurst said during the keynote.

“This is still playing out. There are very strong forces working against openness and transparency. We can't assume this is a battle won." he added in a morbid note.

Red Hat is the largest maker of commercial Linux software used by businesses in data centres around the world. The company is fast moving into the heated battle for virtualisation and cloud computing against companies that claim to offer infrastructure-as-a-platform services.