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Apple To Change Ambient Light Sensor Supplier

For Apple, 2011 seems to be a year of big changes in their supply chain. DigiTimes reports that Apple may be in talks with a micro-components firm from Taiwain, Capella Microsystems, for an eventual partnership for ambient light sensors. This move is probably because of problems that Apple had with iPhone 4 sensors.

Cappela Microsystems is no newbie in this field; the company is shipping nearly 1 million sensors every month for HTC. Apple has already had some testing samples from the Taiwanese company. Integrated Memory Logic could be another Asian partner for Apple, in this case for the gamma buffers in the iPad.

Most likely, we won’t see these new sensors built into the iPhone 4, but the iPhone 5 could have yet another awaited feature.

Judging by Apple’s actions, the iPhone 5 will have quite a large number of updates. Discussions about the proximity sensors have not yet cooled off, and we already have other news to chew on – the shock sensors and the ambient light sensors.

Maybe the iPhone 5 isn’t really having a delay, but rather Apple is taking a longer time to analyze competitors’ moves and understand what needs to be improved in its own products. Remember how quickly Apple reacted after the “secret file” tracking scandal? We may not fully realize it, but Apple has had it all figured out right from the beginning.