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Apple Working On Shock Sensors For Future iPhones And iPads

Apple filed for a shock sensor patent back in January this year, and yesterday the official filing was made available online. We could see shock sensors in future Apple products, if they manage to successfully deploy this technology.

At first sight, many might believe that this technology is meant to safeguard their iPhone, when the device drops on the ground, for example. Unfortunately, this invention only has direct positive effects for Apple.

The shock sensors would be activated after a powerful impact and will send information to an external diagnostic device. This will help the company to discern whether the client is eligible for the warranty or whether it was his or her fault.

The patent is thoroughly described: “The shock sensor may include shock detection contacts that form an electrical circuit that remains open in the absence of a shock event that exceeds an impact threshold level. In response to a significant shock event, a movable component or substance of the shock sensor may move from a first position to a second position”

In February, Apple filed for a “consumer abuse” patent that could reveal whether the product had been hit or if it has had contact with water or any external high heat. After a short while, Apple decided to remove some of the humidity sensors, as it wasn’t very easy to decide whether the user or the sensors were right.