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HTC's First Tablet Now Available For Pre-Order

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC’s first PC tablet, the HTC Flyer, is now available for pre-order in the UK and the US.

The tablet can also be equipped with a unique stylus, the HTC Flyer Magic Pen ST D500, which will be sold separately from the device.

The pressure sensitive stylus, designed to work on the touch screen enabled tablet, is retailing for the hefty price-tag of £47.99. The stylus is available from HTC’s online store.

The company describes the stylus as a “Battery Powered dual function pen [that] allows enhanced accuracy and precision for writing, editing and drawing applications”, which will also allow users to highlight lines in ebooks and web pages.

People are used to navigating their tablet devices with just their fingers. The company is gambling that working on spreadsheets or drawing applications requires more precision than a finger can offer.

The company would have to come up with engaging applications for the stylus in order to persuade people into buying the expensive add-on. Android apps that exploit the stylus' capabilities wouldn’t hurt either.

The HTC Flyer tablet will come powered with a HTC Sense laden Android 2.3 operating system but the company has said that an Android 3.0 Honeycomb update is also on the cards.