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Hurry, You Can Rent An iPad 2!

Got the money, but still not sure if the iPad 2 is truly as great as they all say it is? Vernon Computer Source, the world’s largest supplier of IT rental equipment, is now renting out the new iPad. But you must hurry, as this great chance to feel the device in your hands will last only until May 9th.

We all know that the demand for the iPad 2 is overwhelming and even if the shippiong time has been decreased to 1-2 weeks from the Apple Store, it may not be quick enough for some. Although, any iPad 2 wanna-be owner is unlikely to change their mind, once they have put their hands on the device. I guess even for an Android fanboy, renting an iPad 2 for a week could be quite a compelling tech experience.

Vernon’s UK affiliate, Hamilton Rentals, will also be renting the iPad 2, to accommodate the European client base.

Apple might as well partner with more retail stores and launch a similar service to convert the “unfaithful” ones. Of course, it could turn out to be a risky business, knowing how many bad customers are out there. Though what better way to get a client loyal to your product than giving them a sample of your tasty cake?