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iPad 2 Launch In Beijing Draws Massive Crowds

"I love it. I've been waiting so long for this. I can finally have what I've been dreaming of”, these are the words of one of the first iPad 2 owners from China. A growing crowd had been gathering around Apple’s store in Beijing. Some peopl even waited for 20 hours to get a tablet, which were, ironically, originally made in their country.

The Wi-Fi version has just been launched in China, almost two months after the US. Undoubtedly, Apple’s share in the Chinese tablet market is going to rise significantly, Sun Peilin, an analyst at Analysys International research firm, pointed out.

In fact, the iPad 2 has been available for more than a month on the market, with thousands of slates being shipped overseas by professional “queuers” in the US, who are said to have made more than $400 per day.

Some believe that Apple has intentionally made the product hard to get hold of. "Their strategy is to get people to wait in line at their stores. This will make people want their products even more," Liu, a new iPad 2 owner suggested. It was funny to hear that he had waited in line because he wants to sell his iPad and make a decent profit. Most probably, he wasn’t the only one in the crowd that was there to buy an iPad for resale.