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Oracle Study Reveals Enterprises Relying On Inefficient Data Centres

A recent study conducted on behalf of Oracle has revealed that large and very large organisations are relying on data centres that are inefficient.

The study involved interviews of 919 companies worldwide that extensively used data centres in their day-to-day operations. The companies involved in the study had revenues more than $100 million or $1 billion depending on their size.

The Oracle study found that data centres were not only inefficient, they also came with increased hardware costs and were in an immediate need of overhaul.

Data centres in companies were judged on a scale of 0 to 10, with zero being the poorest score in regards to performance. The global average on the study was poor 5.28. Individually, data centres in Germany and Switzerland received the highest average point of 6.09. Data centres in the US scored 5.79 while the European average was 5.32.

“Overall organisations are still missing tricks and failing to return any business value from their IT. The fast paced evolution of technology, coupled with the IT demands of individual departments has left many organisations burdened with complex, inefficient infrastructures, which are hindering the performance of the data centre,” Dermot O’Kelly, Oracle's SVP of EMEA hardware sales, said in a statement.