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£34.99 TP LINK 200Mbps Homeplug AV Twin Kit

The TP LINK 200Mbps Homeplug AV Twin Kit is a powerful way to enhance the efficiency of your network, or simply to create a new one with outstanding speed and reliability.

The product delivers exactly what it is meant to, simply by exploiting the existing electrical wiring at your home, thus without requiring you to pay even a single penny for additional wiring.

The device just needs to be plugged in to existing power sockets, which instantly establishes the entire network infrastructure. The data transfer rate is usually as high as 200 Mbps, suitable for High Definition video streaming, VoIP, online gaming or for any kind of purpose that requires a high amount of dedicated bandwidth.

The controls are also fairly simple. You really don’t need to belong to the tech savvy group of people in order to configure the TL-PA201 and establish a network infrastructure in order to ensure a smooth and efficient running environment.

The product also allows you to set up a 128 bit AES encryption to ensure the maximum security possible in the power-line communications.

The power consumption is also fairly low. The proprietary power-save mode automatically helps reducing the power consumption rate by up to 65%.

The TP LINK 200Mbps Homeplug AV Twin Kit is available at for £34.99 only, including VAT.