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£99.99 Sony RDRDC100B DVD Player With 160GB HDD Recorder

The Sony RDRDC 100B is the latest and smartest way to watch DVDs, High Definition content as well as to record TV programmes, all from the same platform.

The product, in spite of being a DVD player, also a carries a 160 GB hard drive which you can use to store and watch up to 270 hours of high quality contents. The same can also be used for the purpose of pausing live programmes.

And not only that, when you have the powerful RDRDC 100B in your hands, you can record an entire series of your favourite TV show with just the click of a button. It also allows you to watch the completed part of a recorded programme, even when the recording process is still on.

The operation of the device is fairly simple. Thanks to the amazing On-screen menu, people of all experience and expertise levels will be quite at ease when running the RDRDC 100B.

It is equipped with HDMI connectivity, as well as with a dedicated interface for Sony HDD camcorders. And of course, not to forget about the USB interfaces which support a large array of devices with USB 2.0 compatibility.

The Sony RDRDC100B DVD Player is available at Sainsbury’s and can be purchased for just £99.99.