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Amazon Drops Price Of Kindle Rival To £49

Amazon has dropped the price of the Cool ER ebook reader to an astonishing £49 including shipping, which is the cheapest branded eBook reader we've seen on the market yet.

The tablet is available in seven different colours (Pink, Cool Pink, Red, Black, Blue, Silver and Lime) here. The reader was initially co-developed by Elonex and Interead for Borders book stores but Interead went into liquidation after failing to secure funding, with its remaining stock now being sold.

The device is as thin as a mainstream smartphone at 11.89mm, it weighs only 178g and comes with a 6-inch screen with eight levels of grey and a 170 ppi pixel density, higher than on the iPad 2.

It is powered by a Samsung S3C2440 system on chip, has 128MB RAM and 1GB ROM and has a 1000mAh battery that gives it an autonomy of 8000 page turns; the tablet comes with an SD card slot, supports both PC and Mac as well as a number of formats like PDF, TXT, HTML and MP3.

The tablet was criticised though, for not having Wi-Fi connectivity and, according to a review from ITReviews, it didn't originally allow users to suspend their reading and resume instantly.

Amazon's Kindle for example sells for £111 although it does come with Wi-Fi and similar functionality. The Kindle also has a proper keyboard, unlike the Cool ER.