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Amazon Offers Apple iOS Users Limited Access To Cloud Player

Amazon has updated its Cloud Player music streaming service with limited support for Apple’s iOS platform.

The company had launched its cloud based storage and music streaming only for Google’s Android platform, leaving Apple users out in the cold, TechCrunch reports.

iPhone and iPad users who previously tried to access the service via web browsers were prompted to install Flash on their device, which is impossible due to the Flash ban imposed by Steve Jobs.

However, Amazon rolled out an update for the platform over the weekend that allows iOS users to access limited functionality of the service from the Safari web browser.

Users will be able to stream and listen to the songs they have stored online on Amazon’s servers. Users would need to have an Amazon Drive account to access the service.

The functionality offer for iOS is pretty basic. Users can stream existing play lists but can’t make new ones or re-arrange old ones.

Amazon’s cloud storage and music streaming services are not available in app form on iOS like the dedicated Android app. the basic access is nice, but Amazon will need to add more functionality and even introduce an iOS app if it wants to take on Apple on its own turf.